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Jun 3, 2015 D.B. Cooper and MORTradio
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This track was inspired by a discussion at work. Las Vegas has always been an onslaught of humanity. Even on its slowest days, the city is still crowded. And it goes twenty-four hours a day. Lights, sounds, movement. All of it is non-stop. "Resident Evil - Extinction" presented a different look upon Glitter Gulch, a gambling tourist city that had been forgotten and wasted due to the end of times. All it was now was a dangerous and barren place. And that is what started our discussion...
Topics: MORTradio, Las Vegas, Vegas, Zombies, Walking Dead, End of the World, Rosina Rose
Community Audio
Mar 30, 2015 D. B. Cooper and MORTradio
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A short musical clip to add to "determined" walking scene, or "Guns raised and ready" scene.  This clip was inspired by the Abel Ferrara film "Ms. 45", and was also used in the coming attractions film preview of "Gun Chick" starring Rosina Rose. If you use the musical clip, just give MORTradio a credit, and if you ever make money using the musical clip (highly unlikely), then it would be nice if you share the wealth. Thanks, D. B. Cooper and MORTradio
Topics: MORTradio, music, soundtrack, loop, euro music, loop, tough, walk, walking, drum beat, Soundation,...